Lowrance Complete & Elite


 Complete your 2014 QBA card and go into the draw to win $900 of Lowrance gear of your choice!


Are you an all round angler? Compete your QBA card for your geographic area by the end of the season (31st December 2014) and go into the draw to win $900 worth of Lowrance product of your choice. It doesn't matter the size of each species (legal minimum), its being able to catch them all! Once you have caught all the species send in an e-mail and as soon as your claim has been verified you will appear here, and go into the draw come January.


Lowrance Compete: These anglers have captured all 11 QBA species for their geographic area. Those who completed this feat first can be found at the top.

  • Braith Young
  • Zayne Young
  • Nathan Forster
  • Damien Lane
  • Jason Spence
  • Steve Binney
  • Justin Locher
  • Craig Slattery
  • Shaun Manthey
  • Jason Crofts
  • Dan Gilding


2014 Winner:Shaun Manthey


Lowrance Elite: You achieve Elite status by catching all 15 QBA Species. Do this and double your chances of winning $900 worth of Lowrance gear of your choice. You will have your name represented twice in the draw held early January 2015. These anglers are some of the most talented QBA has to offer. Look for their names at the top of the Spotters Leaderboard. They have caught all 15 QBA species!

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